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Sahara Exhibition

Sahara Expo is one of the biggest internationally attended exhibition for agricultural industries in the Arab world, being an active player for the last 23 years, Sahara Expo has maintained a tradition of gathering all agricultural professionals once a year in July, people with clear vision and commitment provide the suitable environment to launch new products, businesses, discuss methods to increase productivity, revenue and innovations in the agricultural sector.

Since the beginning of its launch, Technical Egypt has been involved in Sahara Expo events and activities over the last 10 anniversaries, participating with its long experience in agricultural projects with ideal solutions for suppliers and their clients and contributing financially and socially as well as professionally into the progress in Agriculture in Egypt and the Arab World.

  1. Aqua Tech

AQUA Tech international exhibition is organized by ICAT in Cairo International Conference Center and has diverse products including:

1- Pumps (Dosing, Irrigation, Pressure boosting, submersible pumps, water desalination)
2- Valves
3- Diesel Engines
4- Generator
5- Electric Motors
6- Pressure tanks
7- Membranes & filters
8- Gear Boxes
9- Plastic pipes & fittings
10- Electric Cables

Under the patronage of Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Intergas has celebrated its 5th anniversary at 2007 with a huge audience of quality and trade visitors who are interested in enhancing their businesses in Egypt’s oil, gas and petrochemical industries. This event combines all the decision makers and product suppliers to introduce new products and services that will influence the market directly and create new business needs.

Since Technical Egypt has established water and waste treatment and disposal applications as well as providing several models of pumps for the oil industry. Its contribution to this market has been highlighted through its participation in Intergas for the last 5 years to make recognition of its role among the other contributors to this industry.