Technical Egypt

Our services

Our experience in the water applications industry over the last 30 years has lead us to create our own process that guarantees full understanding the client’s needs in order to create a solution that meets his demands, sustains on its own with the lowest maintenance needed and operates effectively with the existing staff working on this solution.

Therefore, our services are represented to the clients in this order:

Free Consultation

A team of our experts meet up with the client; considering all the circumstances regarding the geographic location, the facilities, and the number of assigned staff, the nature of the project, the required training, and the number of habitants benefiting from this project in order to create the ultimate solution for this case.


Once the right solution accustomed to the client’s needs and specifications, then the needed equipments and products to assemble the assigned project, our team of mechanical engineers and technicians work on getting the plant or project installed within average 3 weeks time which is a competitively short time in comparison with other companies in the water application business. Although the Projects are installed in a short period of time, Technical Egypt ensures that the projects is set up according to the required specification and standard regulations and that the assembled project works effectively and is able to sustain its high performance for a long period of time with the lowest maintenance needed.

12 month guarantee

Ensuring the sturdiness and sustainability of the projects installed by our company; Technical Egypt provides a one year warrantee to its clients to maintain the client’s trust that we as a supplier and a service provider are dedicated to helping the client in any circumstances they might face and in the fastest way possible. Moreover, Technical Egypt handles transportation as well as providing spare parts free of charge during the warrantee period.

After Sales

As a crucial part of our service and loyalty to our client, we provide an ongoing after sales service with the client no matter how long the project has exceeded its warrantee and regardless of how far or how complicated the project is, this ongoing service lies in two aspects:

• Maintenance:
Clients purchase High Quality Pumps to ensure the pump performance as well as endurance, hence our Responsibility towards the client starts as soon as the pumps are delivered. Our Well trained Service Staff directed by a professional Italian Technical Manager offer distinctive service and maintenance through wide range site coverage & professional Diagnostic. Using Original Spare Parts for pump repair and service, the Pumps Performance is restored. We provide preventive maintenance, service contracts, and proficient installations on either scheduled or prompt response basis. Minimum repair time is achieved by maintaining spare parts inventory. Technical Egypt devotes to providing the solution for any problem that the client encounters within the next 72 hours from problem initiation, so that the client doesn’t have a problem pending for a long time.

• Spare Parts:
Since Technical Egypt has the largest stock of pumps, products and spare parts available, we are able to provide the client with the original spare parts needed in a short amount of time. This service helps us to earn the client’s trust since they can rely on our expertise and availability to solve any problems that they might encounter in the future.

Payments facilitation

Having the most competitive prices in the business and based on the understanding of the vital needs of the clients and the urgency of the needed projects, Technical Egypt can provide a flexible payment plan in order to get the project up and running to fulfill the needs of the populations and industries benefiting from this projects, especially that most of these projects are held in remote places.