Technical Egypt

About Us

Technical Egypt has taken on the mission of providing fully integrated solutions for water and sewage projects with a top notch after sales service and maintenance. Since establishing the company in 1997 with 30 years of previous experience in supplying heating and air conditioning circulation pumps, industrial pumps, pressure boosting and liquid transfer pumps, deep well ground water supply, drainage and sewage waste water pumps, environmental applications, dosing pumps, fire fighting pumps UL/FM listed pumps and non UL Listed, submersible Electric Motors, and water desalination pumps. The first concern is and always has been to save their clients the liability of approaching several companies to install and operate their water applications, Technical Egypt owns the biggest stock of Grundfos and European water pumps in Egypt to meet their client’s demands. This has led Technical Egypt to be the top supplier of water applications in a range of countries starting its business from the United Arab Emirates and extending it to Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Sudan, among other African countries.

Being one of the leading companies in pump supply, thus gained the trust of their clients in terms of completely depending on Technical Egypt to take over their entire projects. Therefore Technical Egypt has developed an organized solid process to live up to their client’s expectations starting from providing an initial free consultation to examine the project’s elements in terms of geographic location, water salinity, project nature (whether it’s a domestic use project or a commercial/industrial/ agricultural project), number of people benefiting from this project…etc. According to the feedback regarding these elements, a team of 6 Engineers who are highly experienced in domestic, irrigation, circulation, high pressure pumps & water desalination & industrial applications analyze the data given by the client and set a list of recommendations. Being in the business for over 30 years, Technical Egypt staff is able to give the ultimate solution costumed to the client’s actual needs.

After providing the consultation and upon the client’s approval, Technical Egypt establishes the setup plan to launch the project starting from providing the needed equipment mostly from the ex-stock products or importing customized products from the factory for Special applications. Once this part of the project is established, Technical Egypt’s team of engineers work vigorously to set up the project while a team of trainers handle training the operational staff on the logistics of running the project effectively. Moreover, this process is done in a competitively small time frame and cost sufficient rates.

Technical Egypt's commitment to its client begins from providing high quality sturdy and resilient pumps that can last for a long time with minimum maintenance as well as providing an ongoing after sales service in order to guarantee the stability and efficiency of the client’s projects. This service provided by 12 technical staff includes providing and installing original spare parts within 72 hours no matter where the project is located in order to maintain the functionality of the project without interruption or delay.

Having a great reputation upon its competitors, Technical Egypt has been highly recommended by consulting companies due to its devotion to the client’s needs and concerns as well its commitment to its high quality level of service and products.